Quiz Results

  • 2nd Winner
    Dr. Suchieta Jennil

  • 1st Winner
    Dr. Sohel Khan

  • 3rd Winner
    Dr. Shaheen Zaveri Zaiwalla

Q1. MC Canel Operation Is For
Answer : Iridodialysis

Q2. Tranexamic Acid Is Used For Treatment Of
Answer : Traumatic Hyphaema

Q3. Saemisch’s Section Refers To

Q4. The First Reported Case Of Post Lasik Infection Was By Which Organism?
Answer : Nocardia

Q5. The Deficient Enzyme In Classic Galactosaemic Cataract, Is

Q6. Which of these was historically an acceptable method of sterilisation of IOLs
Answer : Sodium Hydroxide

Q7. A popular Japanese IOL – the spider lens was named after?
Answer : Akira Momose

Q8. The popularly used AC maintainer was developed in?
Answer : Israel

Q9. In Heparin Surface Modified Iol, Heparin Is A X Molecule?
Answer : Carbohydrate

Q10. Which Of These Is A Topical Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor?
Answer : Brinzolomide

  • 2nd Winner
    Dr. Koushik Tripathy

  • 1st Winner
    Dr. Sindhushree R

  • 3rd Winner
    Dr. Tanpreet

Q1. Which of the following about the Malygin ring 2 is true?
Answer : Made of polypropylene materal

Q2. Intra corneal inlays were introduced as a concept by Jose Barraquer of Spain in?
Answer : 1949

Q3. Vancomycin can cause HORV – which of these about HORV is true?
Answer : A majority develop Neovascular glaucoma

Q4. Efficacy of Aspheric IOLs is affected by
Answer : Both of the above

Q5. Commonest Multifocal IOL design in use today is
Answer : Diffractive

Q6. Which of the following about TASS is not true?
Answer : Severe pain

Q7. The brown colour in a brown cataract comes from which pigment?
Answer : Urochrome

Q8. Which of the following about pseudoexfoliation is true?
Answer : Greater incidence of glaucoma

Q9. True exfoliation syndrome is caused by exposure to?
Answer : Heat

Q10. Phaco emulsification was invented by Dr. Charles Kelman in
Answer : 1967

  • 2nd Winner
    Dr. Ishan

  • 1st Winner
    Dr. Abhijith

  • 3rd Winner
    Dr. Kalpana Suresh

Q1. In CAPSU Laser capsulotomy, which of the following is untrue?
Answer : Uses a Nitinol ring

Q2. Which IOL pioneer developed the collar button and the Maltese Cross IOLs?
Answer : Epstein

Q3. In the early days of IOLs, what chemical sterilising agent was most popular?
Answer : Sodium Hydroxide

Q4. Which of the following about Blue field entoptoscopy is true?
Answer : Effect is due to WBC in perifoveal capillaries

Q5. Topical anaesthesia for cataract surgery was first used by Koller in
Answer : 1884

Q6. Which of the following about the soft shell technique in phaco surgery is untrue
Answer : First viscocohesive agent is injected followed by viscodispersive agent

Q7. Mocher prosthesis device is used in
Answer : Cases of iris loss

Q8. The first IOL power formula was published by?
Answer : Fyodorov

Q9. Christmas Tree Capulorhexis was described by?
Answer : Kelman

Q10. Intra vitreal dose of vancomycin in post operative endopthalmitis is?
Answer : 10mg/ml

  • 2nd Winner
    Dr. Abhijith

  • 1st Winner
    Dr. Yamini Patial

  • 3rd Winner
    Dr. Uma Balakrishnan

Q1. What is PACK treatment?
Answer : Cross linking in infective keratitis

Q2. Corneal lesion in a child suffering from metabolic disease with renal tubular acidosis and renal rickets?
Answer : Cystinosis

Q3. The Kansas forceps is used for?
Answer : To break and remove nucleus fragments

Q4. which of the following statements is true?
Answer : Sushruta was apprentice to Dhanwantari

Q5. The Phakonit procedure was first described by?
Answer : Dr. Amar Agarwal

Q6. Use of sodium hyaluronidase for anaesthesia in cataract surgery was first described in?
Answer : 1948

Q7. Shark fin is a good source for?
Answer : Chondroitin Sulfate

Q8. Which of these devised a cannula for irrigation aspiration?
Answer : David Mcintyre

Q9. G. Spinigerum, Brugiya Malayi, Linguatula Serrata are examples of?
Answer : Intraocular parasites

Q10. PCR test for detecting causative organisms in ocular infections has been in use in India since?
Answer : 1997